Co-Managed Care

Wichita Vision Care provides co-management services for:

  • Refractive surgeries such as LASIK
  • Ocular disease management
  • Referrals for vision therapy

As Optometrist we are not licensed to perform any ocular surgeries and therefore if you would like to have LASIK or need a surgical treatment for an ocular disease we will refer you to the proper medical doctor.

Vision therapy is something that all optometrist are able to do, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and experience. Many of our optometric colleagues refer to us patients who can benefit from vision therapy. In this situation we work with the referring optometrist to treat the visual deficiency. Once vision therapy has treated the area of visual concern we refer you back to you optometrist to continue the management of your ocular and visual needs.

Co-management is the process of eye care professionals working as a team to provide a patient's care. In most cases, this is when an optometrist provides the initial evaluation and care after the surgery with an ophthalmologist providing the surgical procedure. Often the optometrist has been the patient's trusted eye care provider for years. This is especially valuable to patients.

Co-managed care provides a check and balance between the patient and surgeon, with an optometrist assisting the patient's questions and concerns.