Tear Lab

Helpful Hints for Dry Eye


Dry EyeWintertime is usually drier than the other three seasons. Knowing this, using a humidifier to add humidity to the air can help. Some patients do not have this option. For example, patients with pulmonary problems that cannot be in humid environments.

Use of Fans:

Try not to sleep under an overhead fan. Use a standing fan
and aim it away form your face and more toward your feet.

In the Car:

Direct air vents as much as possible away from your face.
Aim them at the floor or in the direction opposite to you.


Yes blinking. We know that our blink rate goes down when using the computer and reading. Put little reminder notes to remember to blink by the computer or on your book mark. Many dry eye patients do what is called an incomplete blink. This means that the upper and lower lids do not meet when they blink. One can actually train their eyes to blink fully. Try to blink fully every time you see a familiar object in your office or home. For example, every time you see or pass a phone, or oa clock, or when you see your pet, etc., blink fully.


Drink lots of water. Many dry eye patients do not drink enough water. One should drink half their body weight in ounces every day.

EZ Tears:

High quality fish oil and combinations of flax seed oil and fish oil can improve dry eye. These products work over time, not immediately and they are also good for the heart and vascular system.