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Choosing The Right Glasses

Choosing the Right Glasses

There are a lot of choices out there for lenses and frames for your next set of eyeglasses. At Wichita Optometry, we will help you pick out the glasses that not only let you see your best but also are right for your face and your lifestyle.

Choosing Your Eyeglasses

As you might guess from the name, at one time glasses were made from glass. Today lightweight plastics have taken over. The earliest was plastic polymer CR-39. It is lightweight, low cost and still popular today. Next came polycarbonate, which is stronger and more resistant to impact. There are also high-index lenses, which allow the ultimate in eyeglass thinness.

In addition, there are options you can add to your lenses. While almost any pair you buy will be scratch resistant and UV protective, anti-reflective coating is often optional. Another optional feature is photochromic, which allows the lenses to darken like sunglasses in bright light.

Choosing the Right Frame

Frames that look good and fit well make all the difference in the world. Different frames work best with different facial shapes. For example, round wide frames look good on square faces, while angular, wide frames with distinct corners work for round faces. Heart-shaped faces are flattered by semi-rims. Oval faces go well with diamond or wide rectangle frames that follow the brow line. Cat-eye and butterfly frames add width where it is needed.

While many people favor brown, black, and silver frames, there is no reason to stop there. You can choose a color that looks fabulous with your skin tone or eye color.

Finally, eyeglasses need to sit firmly on your face and not slide around.

Call Wichita Optometry Today!

At Wichita Optometry, we make sure your glasses are great for your vision and make sure they look and feel right for you. We will help you make the selection that is ideal for your unique face and eyes. Call us at 316 942-7496 for your next eye care appointment.


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