Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glasses are Ideal for Reducing Glare

Polarized glasses are common among people who spend a lot of time near water. The reason these people use them is polarized lenses perfectly blocks the glare from light that bounces off the surface of the water. But polarized glasses can also be used by people who are bothered by glare outdoors. Wichita Optometry in Wichita offers these advanced sunglass lenses.


An optometrist will recommend polarized glasses to people who are sensitive to light, and a person who has had cataract surgery.

You can be temporarily be blinded by the sun’s glare. When a bright shaft of sunlight hits your eyes directly it both annoys and is potentially harmful.

An optometrist can modify sunglasses with a technique called polarization to help reduce light glare to improve your vision and safety in the sun. Although UV lenses will protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from damage caused by ultraviolet light, they will not prevent the distraction and blinding effect that causes visual discomfort in any sunny environment.

How Polarized Glasses Work

Polarized glasses have a special chemical applied that makes them polarized. The chemical reorganizes light as it is laminated in a vertical pattern. This pattern blocks light when it lands horizontally thus blocks its glare.

Glare occurs when the light is reflected horizontally. But polarized glasses block the glare by filtering out the horizontal light waves that don’t fit through the chemical laminate pattern.

Beware Of Low-Quality Polarized Lens

Low-quality polarized lenses differ significantly from high-quality lenses. They only have the chemical laminate on one side of the lens, so they provide minimal benefit. The thin layer is easily scratched. Aberrations may also develop on the lenses.

On the other hand, high quality polarized glasses have film laminated between two layers of lens material. The laminate is protected in-between so it cannot be scratched. The film is thick in high quality polarized glasses, so it offers more protection against glare.

Additional Benefits

Besides reducing the sun’s glare, our optometrist recommends polarized lenses to reduce eye strain from long hours in the sun. Also, if you experience headaches due to light sensitivity, it will help you experience fewer occurrences and less intense headaches.

The glasses also increase visual clarity, acuity, contrast, and make the environment more enjoyable. When you see better, you mentally process what you’re seeing quicker. This helps improve reaction time.

Polarized glasses offer additional benefit to fishermen as it allows them to see below the surface of water clearly.

To learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of polarized lenses, talk to Wichita Optometry to take care of your eyes in Wichita.


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